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Lady Beckett's Sitting Room
Enter quietly...
You want to orgasm.

Will I allow that?

You hardness locked within your little prison

You want to orgasm

You must ask Me

I may allow it if you inspire Me

Kneel before Me, feast your eyes upon My desire

Breathe Me

Let your tongue roam over Me, taste Me, memorize Me

Caress Me with your moist, warm tongue

Arouse My passion boy

Maybe then I will say yes

Buy Me a single red rose, each day, for a week

you are so hopeful

Perhaps I will have pity on you

Love Me as you love no other

Taste Me in your mind

your desires, your dreams and your soul are Mine

I know your desires

I know your fantasies

you need Me

I will tease and deny you

your arousal will become a burning need

Lick your lips and taste Me there

your body is Mine

Such pretty gifts you bestow

Perhaps yes I will allow you release


Or not

but you must ask Me...

I feel: predatory predatory
I am listening to: Hall & Oats ~Maneater~